How to Get Women to Start Conversations with You

How I got a woman to approach me, start a conversation, TOUCH me first and tell me to KISS her

• Have fun with friends
• Be confident. Be bold! Own your reality.

Some things you can do are so compelling that a woman responds to you immediately before she consciously thinks about it.

I’ve worn T-shirts with funny text that catches a woman by surprise, immediately causing her to laugh and say something to me.

In this case study, my unintended, non-physical (psychological) invasion of her space compelled her to respond:

Read on…

Getting drinks at a restaurant with my out-of-town buddy and a mutual female friend, we were having fun laughing, and we noticed that our table had a sun drawn in the middle with squiggly rays of light that looked like sperm emanating from it… Don’t ask me what the artist intended.

I looked to see if other people’s tables had them as well.

I’m mostly oblivious to everyone around us besides my friends, so when I spot some of those sun-ray-sperm on another table, I point at it to show my friends.

A woman at that table, in her early 30’s with a hot body, raises her hands palm up, nods her head back and says “what?”, a bit aggressively like she wanted to fight.

“There are sperm on your table”, I say.
Realizing how that sounds… I then add: “painted on!”

So now, she’s started the conversation. I return my attention to my friends.

Notice that I did not force it. In fact, I had no intention of getting her to respond – I was just having fun and confidently (non-physically) invading her space (and that of everyone else around me) with my attention and focus.
She made a lot of eye contact after that.

Soon my friend spilled his beer on the table and some on me, so I get up to brush it off my lap.

She was coming back from the bathroom and touched my shoulder. She assumed I had spilled the beer and teased me about being a drunk.

When we were leaving, I stepped towards their table to say bye, and they requested me to sit down.

I sat next to the one who had been flirting with me. She then told me her name: Carmen.

She noticed my green “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” necklaces (from the 99 cent store!). St. Patrick’s Day had been last week, so she asked why I was wearing them. I didn’t have time to go out on St. Patrick’s Day, I said. Neither did she… so I gave her a necklace. She read the part about “I’m Irish”. I said, it actually says “kiss me, I’m Irish”, and showed her the letters that you had to look closer to see.

Her friend said: and he gave it to you, you know what that means! Carmen, the girl who started the conversation, told me, “you have to kiss me.”

Then she asked, what does yours say? Mine was smaller, but said the same thing.

So she argued that she needed to kiss me as well.

My friends had left, and her friend told me Carmen could take me home.

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