How to Make Women Chase You

The formula to get a woman to chase you is different from the formula to get her to approach you.

(It also takes place at a different stage of the human mating dance, after you’ve already met her.)

Although many people think of men as the pursuers, sometimes women chase men.

So… how do you make that happen?

To make women chase you, you must be emotionally compelling and mostly unavailable.

Show interest from time to time, but do not chase or pursue her.

Be her drug: give her good feelings, but then make her wonder.

I’m not suggesting to be intentionally manipulative – I’m suggesting to be BUSY. Being unavailable will naturally make her wonder how much you like her.

If you’re already dating other women or have a lot of other important things going on, you will naturally do this. If you don’t need her, you can naturally do this.

When you interact, playfully tease her. Convey interest, but send mixed messages.


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