How to Get Women to Approach You First. The 2 things you must do

There are only 2 things you must do to get women to make the first move and approach you. It might not happen the first time, but keep doing them, and it will happen.

Although they will sound simple, even obvious once you hear them, most guys have never thought about this.

(And of course, just like a lot of dating advice, to a beginner it’s not always obvious how to directly apply the guidelines, which is why I dive deeper into each and illustrate with real world case studies throughout this blog, and in my training and free newsletter)

So here is the “She Approaches You Formula”, the only two things you need to do :

Be Compelling + Be Approachable => Women Will Approach You

There are many ways to be compelling that have nothing to do with your looks, but in this post, let’s focus on Be Approachable.

Being approachable means much more than just that you won’t physically harm her.

It also means you’re in a good mood… and won’t drain her energy or drag her mood down.

It means you don’t seem like you will become a desperate, clingy stalker. How? By being confident, or at least acting as if you already are. A confident man has options, and no need to stalk or become obsessed with any one woman.

It means you give her a reason to approach you that lets her saves face… keeps her from feeling or appearing rejected if you’re not interested. You could use eye contact to signal to her in advance that you won’t reject her if she does approach.

Interestingly, sometimes being compelling and being approachable are at odds with each other. Sometimes something that makes you compelling can make you less approachable. But if something about you is compelling enough, she might approach anyway. For example, many women find the bad boy persona compelling, but an extreme bad boy is more likely to be physically or emotionally harmful to her.

On the other hand, if you are so safe that you come across to women as a weak guy, you may not be compelling enough to inspire her to approach you with romantic intentions or at all.


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