Should a Woman Approach a Man First?

(Advice for women who want to meet a guy that they find attractive or interesting.)

Most of my blog is for men, but women sometimes ask IF they should approach a man they find intriguing, and HOW they should.


I love seeing and hearing about a woman who had the confidence to approach a man.
It can be and has been a successful courtship strategy for many women.. Many women have told me that’s how they met their husband, who was shy.

Quick example: The wife of the CEO and former owner of the company I work at approached him at the gym. Good for her –> he’s a hell of a catch: tall, in shape, smart multimillionaire… and a very good man. He’s also super confident. He was just too busy and focused running a company to make an effort to meet women.

One disclaimer:
The more conservative the guy you want to approach is, the more subtle and indirect your approach should be, up to and including being introduced by somebody else or putting yourself in his path or view from time to time. Before approaching him, try signaling to him, inviting him to approach you with with eye contact, body language, smiling, etc.

This more conservative tactic helps protect you from being perceived as sexually aggressive, which might turn off a very conservative man.

You can be much more direct with an open-minded man.

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2 thoughts on “Should a Woman Approach a Man First?

  1. Let s start with a small list of what I would like to see a woman doing when she sees a man she likes. A wish-list, so to speak, of all the things women didn t do back when I was available.

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