How a Wingman Can Help a Shy Man Meet Women without Approaching Her Yourself

The story below is about how I helped The Nice Guy meet a woman at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Even better, she then wanted to take him back to her place. Nice. Before that, he struggled to connect with women.


We were near the bar when I started talking to a little brunette hottie with glasses.
She was with a friend, who had a nice body but not quite as cute. Then the nice guy came in, and I introduced him to them.

(He didn’t yet know what was possible, and I showed him how I could just grab the back of the hottie’s hair, even though we had only met a few minutes before.)

I then told her a bit about him, and she took his hand and led him off away from us. Women don’t usually move quite this fast, but once in a while, you meet a freaky adventurous girl like this who does.

I stayed there chatting with the friend.

When he came back 10 minutes later, he told me she had kissed him and grabbed his junk.

We hung out for a little while with them. He was wearing beads from a nearby restaurant. She wanted one of those necklaces, and so he asked what was in it for him (nice move, and uncharacteristic for him!). So she kissed him again right in front of us. Sweet!

Then she wanted to take him home. But he had never had anything like that happen to him before, and overwhelmed, didn’t go through with it.

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